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What is the EthCap Token?

The EthCap Token is a de-centralised Blockchain token known as a TGE (Token Generation Event), which is providing our clients with intrinsic protection utilising hybrid Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and a Self Regulated Technology Asset Management Protocol.

The EthCap token is a new technology enabling us to make a representation of our collective Investments into one Unit/Token and is delivered digitally to our clients and tracked on the Ethereum Smart Contract network.

The EthCap token offers clients a secure and clear audit trail and proven track record.

The EthCap token itself is a self regulating asset on the blockchain, using the ERC20 Network of Open Smart Contracts ensuring all parties and transactions are reputable and transparent and traceable.

The Blockchain of self regulating technical asset management is a ground breaking field that allows cross chain transactions whilst giving intrinsic protection to the client and the asset.

The EthCap token is a fully liquid and readily realisable asset traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

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